How to set-up PPPoE in Windows XP.

Go to "Start" -> "Control Panel"


Click on "Network & Internet Connections"

Click on "Network Connections"

Click on "Create a new Connection"

Click "Next"

Check off "Connect to the Internet" -> Click "Next"

Check off "Set up my connection manually" -> Click "Next"

I -Check off "Connect using a broadband connection that requires a user name and password" -> Click Next

II- Type in your ISP's name Zid.com -> Click "Next"

Check Anyone’s use and click next.

Enter your userid as provided by ZiD.

Enter your password as provided by your ISP, enter it a second time to confirm -> Check off "Use this account name" -> Check off "Make this the default Internet connection" -> Click "Next"

Check off "Add a shortcut to this connection to your desktop" -: Click "Next"

Click "Connect"
Surf away!

Note: There have been many cases where Step 8 does not work for people. The Username and Password option is grayed out. At Step 7 click on the Dial-up option and fill that out then start over.

You can create a PPPoE connection with out using the wizard -> Go to Show all
connections -> Click on "Create new connection"


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